We run web services such as:

  • a REST interface for validating IBANs which is used by more than 2600 clients. For instance, a web shop can check within fractions of a second whether a SEPA Direct Debit can possibly work with a given IBAN.


Check Theano's account by using Bellin's GTB Hub

Did you receive an invoice from Theano GmbH and want to make sure the bank account listed on the invoice really belongs to Theano? You can now do this for free by using Bellin's "GTB Hub" App:  1. Install the app 2. at the bottom of the screen, hit "Verification" 3. Enter Theano's VAT ID number (can be found on the invoice and in our imprint) 4. enter the IBAN or account number you want to check. Bellin's app then shows whether we really have registered this bank account with Bellin.

Handelsblatt interviews Theano

 On January 29, 2016, Handelsblatt interviewed our CEO Rainer Typke about the switch to SEPA. The resulting article could be found here  (and is archived on archive.org).

Traffic now analysed with Piwik instead of Google

 Since 2010, Theano GmbH no longer uses Google Analytics on any website. Instead, we now use the open-source Piwik system. Visitor data are now no longer stored outside Germany.

Theano GmbH wins a prize

June 2009: Theano GmbH's IBAN calculator wins a prize at the Mittelstandsprogramm 2009 (all winners in a PDF file on archive.org).